Different styles and types of electronic cigarettes

If you have decided to buy an e-cigarette, you are certainly extremely interested in what is out there. Although a small number of people simply hate the idea of having so many different styles and types to choose from, others are extremely enthusiastic about it. In any case, your purchase will be much easier if you get acquainted with what is offered.

First of all, you have to understand the difference between styles and types. The style refers to the appearance, while the type mostly refers to the components and the functions of these devices. When appearance is in question, there are devices which look like the real thing and they are usually called mini e-cigarettes because when compared to the other styles, these are definitely the smallest. They are most commonly white with a yellow or orange mouthpiece and they have a red tip that starts glowing when the cigarette is used.

There are also electronic cigarettes that look like pipes and pens. Pipes resemble real pipes while pens resemble real pens and come in a wide variety of colors, which allows people to choose something that suits their personality and their preferences. And finally, there are e-cigars which look exactly like cigars (some contain paper wrapping just like real cigars).

When it comes to the different types of electronic cigarettes, there are usually 3 main types. The first one includes cigarettes with disposable cartridges. As the words themselves imply, this kind of cartridge can be used only once and it is usually recommended to first timers. The second type includes devices that contain a battery that is supposed to be recharged and cartridges which are supposed to be replaced. One of the main advantages of this type is that people can switch from one flavor to another by a simple replacement of a cartridge. The important thing about it is that cartridges do not have to be used up before you replace them. You can easily change the flavor by replacing the cartridge and you can easily go back to the previous flavor by putting back the previous cartridge. The last type includes devices which have cartridges that are supposed to be refilled. The main advantage of these types is that the process of refilling is quite simple and quick.

The majority of electronic cigarettes have a little button that is supposed to be pushed when a person wants to start using the device. This little button activates the heating element (aka the atomizer) which heats the solution in the cartridge, which in turn produces vapor. However, more modern devices come without a button, which means that they are automatic and that the process activates automatically, which is definitely more convenient.

As you can see, there are different styles and types of electronic cigarettes and now that you know what those are, you can make your decision more easily. What you should choose depends on your needs and your preferences. What is important is that you have the opportunity to choose and what is even more important is that you probably won`t make a mistake whatever you choose.

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